6 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Year 6 SATs

Make It Fun

When it comes to studying for SATs, children are often nervous about their first big test. The best way to help your child get through their Maths, English and Science SATs is to remain positive. Getting children involved in making their own colourful revision notes is one way to create a positive and fun activity. This will get your child engaged and ready for their SATs.


Practice Makes Perfect

Getting children to go over old practice papers and using online revision tools is a great way to get them familiarised with the format of SATs papers. Using online revision tools is a quick way to get through more questions in a quicker time, giving your child an opportunity to get through as many questions as they can. Online tools are able to let your child know whether their answers are incorrect, allowing your child to learn at a faster pace. At A-Education we can help students get used to the style of questions given in exams. This will make it less scary when it comes to the real thing.


Get Tutoring! 

Getting tuition is a fantastic way to encourage children to further their learning beyond school. It’s also a great way for children to ask questions in a more comfortable and smaller environment where they wouldn’t normally do so in a larger classroom. Tutors are able to focus on each child individually and help strengthen any areas they may struggle with. At A-Education, you can do just that. We have fully qualified tutors who specialise in their subjects and are able to offer their full support during exam season and during the rest of the academic year.


Talk About Feelings 

SATs can be a scary time for Year 6 Students. It is important to talk to your child and discuss anything they may find stressful. Having a parent or guardian to hear their worries will leave them feeling less anxious leading to their SATs. It may also be the first time they will experience any kind of stress and anxiety, so it will be best to sit down with them and help them understand what they are feeling.


Exam Techniques 

Doing SATs may be the first big test your child may be taking. It is important to learn different exam techniques that can be used during their exams. A few examples may be eliminating incorrect answers, underlining key parts of a question and using your time efficiently. At A-Education we explore these exam techniques and strategies to help them improve their overall performance and grade in Maths, English and Science.


What You Can Do As A Parent or Guardian

Remember that your child is experiencing a new challenge and they’re doing their best. Stay positive when it comes to results days, It’s not the end of the world if they receive a less than perfect grade. Your child’s wellbeing is what matters the most!

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