A tuition school isn’t much without its tutors, and we’re proud to say that ours are some of the best you’re likely to find. We take our selection process for tutors very seriously; it’s paramount that they all have they all have the proper qualifications, experience, training and temperament. For instance, not only are they fitted with up-to-date DBS checks to ensure your children are in safe hands, the majority are full-time teachers during the week. This ensures that the progress your children make in tuition is directly applicable to their mainstream schoolwork.

It would be hard for our tutors to instil your children with passion and excitement for academia without having some themselves, which is why the majority of them have Doctorate or Masters level qualifications in the subjects they have chosen to teach, from top-tier universities including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, and Imperial College. This provides their students with a high benchmark of academic success to which they can aspire, and by which they can be inspired, and also guarantees that the tutors know what they’re talking about, and can draw of a wealth of deeper knowledge to support their teaching.

While many students benefit from receiving their tuition from qualified teachers, as a supplement to their regular schooling, some might prefer a counterpoint. Especially to younger children or those who find it difficult to sustain focus in a classroom scenario, we tend to assign recent graduates as tutors, to whose youthful energy such students are more likely to be able to relate. We find that this provides an element of interpersonal kinship that mainstream school can sometimes struggle to replicate and can be just what some children need.

Academic excellence aside, we are deeply discerning when it comes to vetting and training the kinds of personalities we trust with the responsibility of a classroom. We always strive to find tutors who are committed to child education, can maintain a professional attitude, and show genuine concern for the progress of their students’ education.

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