• -Shakespeare
    -English classic novels
    -Contemporary novels
    -Authors from different cultures
    -Poetry and ballads
    -Travel writing
    -Literature on film
    -Narrative: reading and analyzing techniques used in the telling of myths and legend leading to writing a myth or legend.
    -Poetry: reading and analyzing techniques used in narrative poetry, including some pre- twentieth century poetry and ballads; using these skills when writing some narrative poetry.
    -Drama: developing skills when analyzing a drama text; exploring conventions of a Shakespeare play when writing a letter of advice to an actor.
    -Fiction: developing the ability to make judgments about characters and actions in fiction; using evidence from the texts when writing an analytical essay.
    -Language Study: exploring changes to the English language; changes in grammar through time; the use of standard and non-standard forms; responding to language debates in a persuasive speech.
    -Media: how media texts work; producing own media texts and commenting on the techniques used.

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